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Welcome with much love & light:

We've had an exciting first quarter this year. We've been able to run monthly specials that have dropped prices up to 40%. There will be many additions to Divine Spaces through out the year so be sure to check in frequently for new promotions as there is usually a sale going and prices change regularly. Most importantly I wanted to let you all know that we now offer financing, giving you 6 months to pay for orders $99+ (WAC). This is exciting news that we are able to provide this service for you all, and I thank you for those who suggested we provide this service. As always, if there is anything you would like to see changed or added that will help you and provide you with a more positive experience with Divine Spaces, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. We have also added an interactive feature to our site to help make life easier for you in keeping track of the moon phases for ritual and everyday devotion and spell casting,and looking to add more features through the year.

Some of the new features that have been added are: Daily Moon Phases- providing the current moon phase updated to real time. We also now have Daily Horoscopes for that extra boost of daily guidance, and Pagan Radio Network. Listen to streaming pagan music from around the world, pagan news and pagan podcast, all streaming live, and always free.

The next Sabbath for us to celebrate is the SUMMER SOLSTICE, which is Friday, June 21st. We just passed Beltane which was a blessing in many ways to my life personally and hopefully you all had a chance to celebrate in some form or another. The summer solstice will be here before we know it, and now is a good time to start gathering the supplies you will need to celebrate, cast, and enjoy this powerful day. We are having a summer solstice promotion with a mark down sale of 25% off the entire site - that includes over 6000+ items to serve all your spiritual needs. This is a great sale whether you are a solitary practioner or a group and covens. Be sure to invite others to check out Divine Spaces and our great deals during this promotion. BEST OF ALL, WE NOW OFFER FINANCING ON PURCHASES OF $99 OR MORE WITH REPAYMENT TIME OF 6 MOS (WAC). Take advantage of our Summer Solstice sale and stock up on your herbs, candles, smudging wands, incense, oils, and other items you may be lacking such as athame, chalice, besoms, ect... Great time to get what you need and not break the bank.

Divine Spaces

Just a reminder of our blog, "The Divine Grove" and the link can be found on the home page for more in-depth discussions about spiritual enlightening, spiritual and pagan news, Sabbaths and events, and so much more. Our blog doesn't discriminate against religious beliefs as we celebrate all paths to the divine. Also feel free to leave comments and be involved in our discussions. Comments are encouraged as they will help to widen our topics, conversations, and points of view.

We are still looking for more authors to help with our blog. If you are a spiritual person, and have a high knowledge base or strong spiritual opinions, then we would love to have you be one of our authors. You do not need to be a professional writer, but must have good writing skills and grammar, and be able to provide original discussions to avoid plagiarism. This is a non paying position, but you will receive recognition for your blogs and be provided an opportunity to share your spiritual thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and anything that you would like to share with our spiritual community that you feel would benefit the community to know. Message us if you would like to blog about all things spiritual and we will provide you with access so you can blog till your spirit is content. Please contact Brooks Brown at if this is something that you would be interesting in. (This position does not have any required deadlines or quotas, just simply blog when you have something to say, as we are looking to gather a variety of authors to keep our blog topics fresh and updated.)

2013 is rapidly passing and it’s time we embrace our true nature and our spiritual beliefs. Allow 2013 to bring great changes, and spiritual enlightenment. What ever it is that you believe, our paths and goals should be the same. Unity and enlightenment for every being, creature, and our home (Grand and beautiful Mother Earth) is a great common view for all of us to share throughout the year and years to come.

There are a number of ways to become more in touch with your inner spirit and enhance your connection to the infinite, no matter what spiritual path you follow. It is just a matter of connecting, practicing, and giving attention to the signs, feelings, and attempts at communication from your guides and enlightened beings. I know how busy life can be, and how easily “life” can push our practices and spiritual traditions to the bottom of our priority list. I myself suffer with the issue of making time for my spirituality and have made my resolution to giving my spiritual beliefs priority over my life. Scheduling time for daily meditation, showing gratitude, expressing my faith through my way of life, and maintaining positive and allowing myself to just be happy. Something wonderful happens when you live your life with your spiritual beliefs being a priority. Life rearranges itself to allow this behavior to continue. You find yourself more frequently in a state of peace. Negative feelings of exhaustion, depression, and even physical ailments tend to just become non existent. Life doesn't seem as busy and becomes more organized and wonderful. These are my own personal experiences but if you could experience the same is it not worth it to show your faith more attention and live your faith not just follow it?

When you are living your life in your faith, you may find yourself experiencing a spiritual awakening. Some of the reported signs to look for if you are wakening to spiritual enlightenment include, increase in insomnia however still feeling energized and refreshed as though you had a full nights sleep. You start to feel the need to eat healthier foods while being turned off by foods that drag you down. You will start being more active. You may have surges of energy and will have a feeling similar to a limb that has fallen asleep. More commonly felt you may experience it as a tingling in your crown chakra or in your heart chakra. Some people see flashing light in their peripherals, or seeing things more spiritually – nature seems more vibrant, seeing auras or energy waves coming off of people and items.

Once you are aware of these feelings and changes in your spirituality you will become more connected and be able to enlighten more quickly. Just don’t fear the changes and embrace who you are as a being of energy and light. Whether we enlighten by some supernatural means or we focus on whom and what we really are, allowing us to enlighten on our own; enlightenment should be the path for all of us. So, let’s just not forget about our spiritual habits and what we can do to better ourselves and our loved ones.

Book of Mirrors

I would like to mention what exactly a book of mirrors is and how to use it. One of the easiest ways to become more connected besides making sure to set aside time each and every day for divination and meditation is to keep a book of mirrors. A BOM is similar but very different than a BOS Book of Shadows. A book of mirrors is for self reflection and is a personal journal of your spiritual path. Unlike a BOS, a BOM is meant for your eyes only and should never be shared or viewed by others. Written in your BOS you would have for example: Phrases of affirmation (Things you want to attract to yourself or manifest into your life). Your spiritual path as to what path you are taking, how, when, what are you doing to embrace that path and how could you improve, ect... If you have something in your BOM that you would like to share, then you would want to re-write it in your BOS.

In your book of mirrors, you want to keep a detailed writing of your spiritual path no matter how big or small. You will want to write down any experiences you have while in meditation, along with all your knowledge on paganism and spiritual development. This is a tool for exploration, recording your reactions to spells, rituals, meditations and dreams.

Write about any spiritual thoughts and thoughts of gratitude. You can include thoughts of manifestation (things you want to happen). But most importantly, be honest with your writings. This is not the time to be polite but to be honest with your self. (No one will see your BOM but you)

Your BOM is used to help show who you are - it is a reflection of you. It should be a guide for you as you embrace and enhance the world of spiritualism, magic and yourself. You should never change anything in your BOM; if something you have written changes, write about the change, but do not alter your BOM. .

You will also want to write about any possible signs of enlightenment or growth in spiritual abilities or experiences. Exp – if you have a psychic connection or get a vision, hear voices, or see lights, shadows, and/or full apparitions. You may even want to keep track of your sleeping, eating, and exercise habits since any changes in any of these areas may be signs of enlightenment or can allow you to get a better picture of how your day is spent and where you could focus more on spiritualism.

2013 brings greatness and enlightenment into our lives, and may we all be united with divine spirituality and awakening consciousness.

If this letter was forward to you, or you are reading it on our blog, our site, or through our social networking site and would like to subscribe, please visit and create an account. We appreciate your business and look forward to many more years servicing all of your spiritual needs. Thank you for being the best part of Divine Spaces, OUR CUSTOMERS AND SPIRITUAL FAMILY!!! May you have a blessed day filled with love and light.

Brooks Brown
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