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My name is Brooks Brown and I am the founder of Divine Spaces. I'm an eclectic spiritual practioner, empath, healer, and medium. I have been practicing pagan teachings and performing rituals for most of my life. I grew up in a large family with many different religious beliefs. Being surrounded by so many religious opinions, I just went with what feels right and what works for myself.
Being an eclectic spiritual practioner was never an easy task when it came to gathering the tools and herbs I needed for my spells, rituals, and feng shui decor. I would have to go from this store to that one, and from this website to that website. Costing me hundreds more over the years in additional transportation charges for gas and shipping from having to use so many different sites to get everything that I needed.
I wanted to provide the spiritual community with an online store where practitioners of "ANY" faith could find affordable tools for Divination, Ritual, Feng Shui, Spiritualism, Meditation, and Tranquility without taking away from product quality. I also wanted to provide a wide inventory of supplies so that EVERYTHING your looking for can be found at ONE place.
I have faith you will find what you are looking for. So enjoy gathering what you need, and thank you for allowing Divine Spaces to provide you with all your ritual supplies and tools for enlightenment. Remember, If there is anything you need and we don't carry it on our site, we will find it for you.
If you would like to stay updated on processing, shipping and tracking information from your order, be sure to include an email address to your profile. Your email information will not be sold or distributed and is for the sole use of Divine Spaces.
We have created a blog called, "The Divine Grove" and would like to invite you to come and be part. The Divine Grove is a spiritual blog for all paths to the Divine. Here we will talk about anything and everthing spiritual. We will do blogs on current events & news, spiritual awakenings and opinions, ritual & spells, Sabbats and special days, so much more.
If you are a spiritual person and would like to share your knowledge with our community, please let me know and I will give you access to post blogs for our readers to enjoy and gain enlightenment from. This is a volunteer position with no compensation. You will be listed as the author and receive full credit for your blog. Our blog does not discriminate slander of any religions but support the input and knowledge from all paths to the Divine.
You can now also keep up to date on all our promotions and sales with Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate the support and recommendations when you share our page, or Tweet about our site. Social network tabs can be found at the top left of our site. Thank you.

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If you have any questions or concerns email us at admin@divine-spaces.com or click the contact us link on the home page.

Merry we meet, Merry we part. Thank you for visiting Divine Spaces. Love & Light from Divine Spaces

Thank you again for visiting Divine Spaces, it is a pleasure to meet you. Have a wonderful day, enjoy your time here and take advantage of our free interactive widgets & sales.
Blessed Be with love & light.
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